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Do You Have Some Queries About Ayurveda Like:
Q: What kind of medicine do you use at Arogyam Panchkarma Centre ? 
Q: Does your medicine come in powder (churan) form? 
Q: How much medicine is a patient required to consume per day?
 Q: Are there any side effects to your medicine?
 Q: I've heard ayurvedic medicine is metal/chemical based but aren't metals/chemicals bad for the kidneys 
Q: How is your medicine prepared? 
Q: How long do I have to take this medicine? 
Q: Will the problem reoccur after I stop the medicine? 
Q: Can I take other medication with this medicine? 
Q: How much does your medication cost? 
Q: What, if any, are the dietary precautions? 
Q: Do I need to starve to reduce weight? 
Q: Is a one-on-one meeting with a Doctor essential to my treatment? 
Q: What if I'm living/traveling abroad? 
Q: How will I know if the medicine prescribed to me is yielding positive results? 
Q: What if I'm willing to take Panchkarma treatment at Arogyam Health Resort?

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Contact Name: Vipul Sharma  
Address: arogyam panchkarma centre & ayurvedic hospital opp police station mehatpur
Mobile: 9805038733
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